With students going back to school and uni next week in Sydney, I thought it would be a great idea to give you all ideas on how to create the perfect study/working space.

Ok so, first of all, it’s important to choose a location that is away from noise and distractions. Choosing to work where you can easily look up and watch TV is probably not ideal. I suggest if you have a spare room in your house that is available, or even in your bedroom, buy yourself a desk and place it in an area that you know is good to work. I have my working area in my bedroom next to my window because I know it’s the best place for me. I like to be able to look outside when studying as it makes me not feel like I’m locked in the house and I can see whats going on out there.

Buy yourself a lamp for good lighting always. If you’re studying late at night and you don’t want the ceiling light on, this is a perfect way to have a small amount of light where you can see what you’re doing and not be too bright. It’s also makes your desk area look more professional.

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A notebook is a must! Always have a journal or a notepad available on your desk incase of the need to jot down any ideas or reminders for yourself. I like to buy pretty notebooks from either Typo or The Reject Shop as they’re cheap and also it makes me want to write in them if they’re inviting to look at.

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Add some colour! For my desk, I bought a small vase of fake flowers from Ikea. They’re cheap, you don’t have to worry about changing or watering them, and its a perfect simple way to add something pretty to your study area. I like to keep my furniture and accessories all white, so I like to add either pastel coloured flowers or green plants. Also, have plenty of pens and highlighters on hand! Use penholders or mason jars to store your stationary in, and it keeps them stored away so they aren’t making a mess over your desk, and you won’t have a problem with what you’re looking for.

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Have a calendar visible at all times! I like to keep one on my wall next to my desk where I can see it. If you don’t want a calendar, and you’re more of a notebook kind of person, buy yourself a planner and use that instead, it’s just as helpful! Be sure to write down all your deadlines where it can be seen. Don’t trust your memory!!

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A form of technology is a must. Whether this is a computer, laptop or tablet, it’s important to have the Internet available to you from some source for when you are doing assignments and as well as writing up your work which majority of universities/Tafe/workplaces expect only typed up work these days which makes technology necessary.

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Candles are a lovely edition to your study area. Not only do they smell beautiful, but they’re pretty and add something extra. Candle scents actually release health-reinforcing soy in the air when they’re lit which can help your body and mind be calm which is perfect if you’re overwhelmed with your work and make you feel relaxed. If you don’t want candles, a photo frame with a picture of you and your friends or your dog is a perfect way to make your desk your own!

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And there you have it, the perfect working space to get everything done!

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If you have anything else you would add to your study area, comment them below!!





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